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Product Catalog of Atomizer

CE5 + eGo Clearomizer Mannufacturer

Atomizer is an essential part of electronic cigarettes. It is used for heating e-liquid in an e-cigarette which then produces vapor. As the technology is advancing more and more variations and varieties are being developed of an Atomizer. Today there are plenty of atomizers available in market. Some of the famous types are 401 atomizers 510 atomizers, 801 atomizers and 901 atomizers. Every atomizer and CE5 + eGo Clearomizer is different in design and threading. Some of the atomizers produce more vapors. Some atomizers produce more flavors. Some atomizers produce a better throat hit. It completely depends upon the user that what kind of atomizer he prefers to have. If a user is willing to have bigger clouds of vapors than Standard Resistance 510 Atomizer is a better option. If a user wants bigger clouds of vapor Low Resistance 510 atomizer is another great option. More over a user is aiming to have more flavors to come through 306 atomizers and 306 drip tips are suggested. If one doesnt like dripping frequently than trying 510 atomizer is better. It has to be remembered that all the atomizers will not fit in every battery. For example a 510 atomizer will only perform on 510 style battery. An 801 atomizer will only work with an 801 style battery.