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eGo-W Electronic Cigarette Starter Kit

Electronic cigarettes are considered to be the modern, smart and stylish choice of today's smokers. Electronic cigarettes feel and taste same as the conventional tobacco cigarettes. But undoubtedly they are not harmful like tobacco cigarettes. The reason is electronic cigarettes instead of harmful tobacco smoke, produces water vapors which is available with or without nicotine.

Some of the advantages e cigarettes offer is that they are not harmful like tobacco cigarettes. They can used in where, whether it is a public place, home or office. The best part is it provides the smoker the same sensation as the tobacco cigarettes do but it does not release carbon monoxide, ammonia, ashes or smell.
Yufa International Ltd is a leading manufacturer of Electronic cigarettes, Electronic Liquid, Batteries, eGo-W Electronic Cigarette Starter Kit and Atomizer in China. Having our own manufacturing unit and R&D department we have an edge of developing new products through regular research and development. Every product we develop is designed with great care by our experienced engineers to make sure we deliver the best to our clients.

We have always believed that a professional manufacturing is essential for any business therefore we try to live up to the expectation. At Yufa International, our clients receive warm heated attention on their inquiries. Additionally we ensure timely product delivery and superior product quality. Yufa International's main focus is on long term association with its client's on the basis of mutual benefits and trust. Indeed our clients can get the glimpse of our business philosophy at the very first step when they contact us.

We offer a vast range of health-attaining goods includes kits and singular E-cigarettes to satisfy various needs for various customers. The 510 electronic cigarette kit, EGO tank electronic cigarette, chargers for E-cigarettes, Electronic Cigarette Starter Kit and other accessories that are relative to these momentous products are some of our catalog-builders.

If like many other smokers you have been looking for a reliable solution to quit smoking or to shift to any better alternate which can be freely used anywhere and everywhere ensuring health then you reached the right place. Yufa International ensures the best alternate to smokers.

Yufa International started its operations and journey to serve the industry in 2003. At the very current moment we have more than a 100 employees working in our company. YUFA's major clients are from United States, Germany, France, Denmark, Norway, United Kingdom, Ireland, South Africa, Moldova, etc. At the same time we aim to expand globally serving to every segment of the market.

We are the proud manufacturers of world class: